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Talent Concept

Talent Concept:
Talent are the top resource, essential factor and advantage for factory’s development.
  Zhejiang Cangnan Instrument Factory adheres to regarding talent as the top resource, essential factor and advantage of the factory from the beginning. With the strategic thinking of “Talent strengthens the factory, the factory is bent to establishing a fair, competitive, incentive and efficient employment mechanism by adhering to virtue, knowledge, talent and achievements as key standards for selecting, evaluating and using talent in order to create a work environment helpful for employees’ development. Besides, the factory develops various channels to recruit talent, uses talent with no stickiness to one pattern and makes the best to cultivate, inspire and retain talent in order to fulfill HR potentials.
Employment Concept:
Recruit talent to develop the factory on the basis of emphasizing practical results
  Development is “the most important task”. In order to build a team which is full of emotions to the factory, good at team work and strives for first-class achievements with high qualities corporate development needs, the factory regards promoting development of the factory as the primary threshold and foothold of talent management, formulates talent policy by focusing a development strategy of “Talent strengthens the factory”, makes a plan for building a talent team according to development demands from various fields and encourages talent to seek truth, do practical things and emphasize actual effects
Use talent with no stickiness to one pattern but emphasizing practical results
  Zhejiang Cangnan Instrument Factory has built the employment management system with features such as setting posts according to demands, competing for the post, recruiting employees according to posts, using employees based on their talent and contract management. The factory speeds up a process of talent deployment by combining fair competition for posts with organization selection and proactively employment systems including open recruitment, competition for posts and recruiting talent with no stickiness to on pattern. The factory selects a batch of excellent young employees by adopting the mode combined democratic recommendations with organizational investigations to build an echelon of reserved talent by strengthening gross-root exercises and professional training. The factory also has set up the performance appraisal mechanism and dares to utilize different professionals by using the administrators’ employment system and the project responsibility system. Besides, the factory uses excellent young talent by various approaches such as job rotation, job reshuffle and promotion and actively promotes young administrators with talent and virtues by talent evaluation organizations and systems
Cultivate talent by every means at all costs
  Faced with intense competitiveness in the market and rapid development of science and technology, the factory tries every means to cultivate talent at all costs. Therefore, the factory continues to improve talent-cultivated systems by undertaking key technologies R&D projects and key technologies development projects; increases investments for young professional technicians with more considerable development potentials; provides opportunities for young aspiring professional technicians to take over key scientific researches independently and supports professional technicians who are willing to do things to participating in researching projects. Besides, the factory endeavors to cultivate talent in urge need by college-enterprise cooperation, joint exploitation and etc and comprehensive talent by carrying out activities such as “Introduce training into the factory” and “Send talent to colleges and universities”. The factory also improvise study environments by constant investments and promotes all-round development of talent and corporate transformation by continuous innovation, regulating study mechanism, advocating education of ideal and faith for talent and establishment of professional morality.
Inspire talent with various prizes and honors
 The factory inspires innovative abilities of talent by optimizing the distribution system and satisfies physical and mental demands of excellent talent by virtue of the talent incentive system so that they can devote all their energies to work. The factory provides more study, inspection and training opportunities for them by strengthening honorable and emotional inspiration and carrying out selection and recognition activities. Besides, the factory provides special arrangements for employees who have made tremendous contributions for corporate development by implementing the special distribution system. It is realized that first-class talent who have made outstanding contributions will be paid best.
Retain talent by building a people-orientated environment
 Zhejiang Cangnan Instrument Factory implements the talent-retaining strategy of “Retain talent by emotions, careers, treatments and culture”. The factory has built various organizations such as the party committee, the labor union and the league committee which have carried out various activities and done many real works which have cleared grief and solved problems for employees. For example, in order to retain employees by emotion, the factory organizes leaders to comfort employees regularly, build the family employees, the activity center and the employee’s library and hold skill, recreation and sport competitions and etc. to enhance their sense of identity to the factory; in order to retain employees by career, the factory breaks the old promotion mode that assigning a job accords with qualifications and seniority, highlights innovative consciousness and selects talent according to their achievements and abilities, not stick to one pattern, which enables them to have a sense of success and pride so as to bring forth a sense of responsibility and belonging of “Proud of factory’s property, Shamed for factory’s downfall”. In order to retain talent by treatments, the factory continues to reform the salary system, provides paid holidays, guarantees each employee to attend social insurance and free their troubles. In order to retain talent by culture, the factory also continues to strengthen establishment of corporate culture and adheres to a management concept of “People First”.
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