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Talent Strategy

Personnel Structure

The company has a management team of 6 people, staff with college and higher education background accounting for 83%; management personnel of group leaders and above of 40 staff, university and moderate specialty school and above accounting for 90%; technical staff of 37 people, the college and above accounting for100%; marketing staff of 46 people, university and moderate specialty school and above accounting for 60.09%; general staff of 82 people, university and moderate specialty school and above accounting for more than 76.8%; 142 production line workers, moderate specialty school and above accounting for 60.7%; 78 workers with titles, among which 23 workers are with senior titles, 57 are with junior titles.
Talents Development Plan
Guidelines: serve development, talents priority, combination of introducing and training, practice as major, optimizing the environment.
Training system: establishing a corporate personnel training system with enterprise as main part, vocational college as basis, linking school education with corporate training closely and combining the external introduction and internal training.
Strategic objectives: creating a good-quality and vibrant talent team with talents gathering and good structure.
Talent requirement: possessing both ability and political integrity.
Main tasks: focus on training scientific and technological innovation talent, develop talents with practical skills vigorously and accelerate the training of enterprise management personnel.
Talent standards: morality, knowledge, competence and performance as the standards of selection, measurement and employment of talents.
Personnel appointment: combining fair competitive selection with selection of the company, and actively implementing open recruitment competition and capable talent appointment system.
Corporate culture: build the corporate culture of innovating enterprise of hoping for talents, valuing talents, employing talents and encouraging talents.
Employment principle: make the full use of the talents and make the best use of everything.
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