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    Zhejiang Cangnan Instrument Factory, established in 1975, is a high-tech factory which produces flow instruments with an area of 37 mu and a floor area of 25,000 squares meters for workshops. The company has about 300 employees with total assets of RMB 266 million. The factory has built “Cangnan Intelligent Instrument High-tech R&D Center”, “Postgraduate Training Base of Metrology Institute of China and the flow instrument base which can produce 350,000 high and medium-level flow instruments per year and integrates R&D, production, sales and services as a whole. Besides, the factory possesses various advanced equipment such as 0.25-grade large-traffic gas flow standard facilities adopting the sonic-nozzle method, the meter-assembling production line and the numerical-control machining center.
    The factory mainly produces urban gas metering instruments, industrial metering instruments, urban gas pressure-regulating (metering) equipment, nuclear-power throttling devices, automatic control systems, heat metering instruments and etc. All above products have such features as high turndown ratio, high metering accuracy, powerfully intelligent functions and high reliability and have been extensively applied to many fields such as urban gas metering, process control in oil fields, gas fields, petrochemical industry, nuclear-power systems and metering management.
    The factory can produce technical products in accordance with European standards and provide innovative gas-metering proposals for urban gas users in China by continuously strengthening self-innovation, strongly extending foreign technical co-operation and introducing advanced technologies about European gas-metering instruments in recent years.
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